Kids’ shark print t-shirt

kids shark design tshirt

This is a high quality kids tee from with a top-quality print capable of withstanding the kind of beatings, mudsplatterings and general day-to-day messing-ups that only kids can give their clothing.

From their own website: “Prowling the underwater for its prey, this sleek shaped shark stands out on this cool tshirt.  A kids tshirt with plenty of bite!”

Available in 6 colours, £9.99 GBP from Kids Tshirts

Japanese Pink Floyd T-shirt

Japanese Pink Floyd T-shirt

This image is of a beautifully-designed Pink Floyd tee from Japan.

There’s No Place Like

theres no place like localhost geeky sys admin t-shirtLooking for a geeky tshirt for a friend who’s a computer network systems administrator?  Look no further than this stylish text-only printed tee.

From their site:  ”this t-shirt makes a ROFLing reference to the common phrase ‘there’s no place like home’, but injects a bit of local loopback networking knowledge with the common localhost IP address″

£11.99 GBP from Geeky Tshirts



Rock climbing all-over-print tee

Stylish Club Alpin Mulhouse blue and white tshirtStylish modern rock-climbing printed t-shirt from Club Alpin Mulhouse.

Banksy: CND Soldiers t-shirt

T-shirt inspired by Banksy's "CND Soldiers" artworkThis  Banksy CND Soldier mens t-shirt is inspired from Banksy’s CND Soldier artwork that displays two soldiers either painting or painting over a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol.

This high quality printed t shirt is available from British website for £11.99 GBP.

Banksy Tshirts